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I discovered Arty Splats when my eldest daughter Holly had just turned one, I took her along to a summer holiday class and wasn't really sure what to expect. Well, she made so much mess and there was me thinking she was a tidy little thing. There was paint everywhere, porridge oats had been sprinkled in every direction, she was pouring water into as many cups as she could and I think at one point there was spaghetti all over her hair! Yet she was so happy and experiencing so much - mark making, exploring different textures, hand eye coordination and using her fine and gross motor skills. What a class! Holly loved it, I loved it and my favourite thing was I didn't have to clean any of the mess my child had just made!! I would have never dreamed of doing anything like this at home, I could just picture it - paint up the walls, hoovering up rice krispies for days and gloop in the carpet, Noooooooo!! I've been bringing my girls to Arty Splats for the last 4 years and they still get excited about coming and they love the mess!  We've made some fab Arty Splats memories and the girls have gained so many educational benefits from coming to the classes, who knew you could make the letter H out of cheerios! Now I'm running Arty Splats classes it's been wonderful to watch it from the other side.  I get to see the little ones and their grown ups enjoy all the fun and mess making like my family have been experiencing over the years. I can even see the relief from the grown ups knowing they won't have to clean up all the mess!  This is truly 'hands on learning' at its very best.   
My First Arty Splats Class