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I would love to bring my little one along to a class – how do I go about it?

All of our Arty Splats sessions do need to be pre-booked; this is so that we can ensure that we have enough lovely resources for everyone. Please contact us to reserve a place.

What should we wear to a session?

We advise grown ups and little ones to dress for mess!  All little ones are provided with a splash suit to protect their clothes.  These splash suits are only ‘splash proof’ so please bring some spare clothes so that your little one can fully enjoy water play activities.  Please bring an old towel for little hands and feet.

I have more than one child can I bring them to a class?

Yes, you certainly can! Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible so that you can enjoy our classes as a family.  We offer a great sibling discount and if you would like to discuss the option of bringing two children (that maybe span the two class ages), please contact us and we can determine which class would be most suitable.

Do I have to stay with my child?

Yes, we do require that you stay with your child and you are responsible for them throughout the session. The class is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together and we do encourage you to get involved in all our lovely activities.  It is evident that little ones look to their care givers as role models and they gain confidence if they are encouraged and supported in the activities.

Can my little one try a session first?

Yes!  We offer a free taster session so that you can experience the class and see the fun we have.  Please contact us for details.