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Thank you for choosing to book an Arty Splats Party!  

Please complete the following booking form so we have all the information we need. 

We also require a £50 (non-refundable) deposit to secure your party date.  

Full payment is due 10 working days prior to the party. 

Your party host will send you the payment details via email. Your party date is only secured once the deposit is paid. 

(Please state the time you wish us to start the party. But remember, we need 1 hour in advance of this time to set up the party)
(This should be for the lead person arranging the party)
(This is a second contact we can use on the day of the party if needed and if the lead contact is not contactable)

Would you like to add any fun optional extras to your package? Not ready to book the extras yet?  No problem, just book your party and you have up to 10 days before the party to just add any of the extras as you wish. 

Optional extras are subject to availability and your party host will inform you of the availability of your selections on receipt of your booking form.

Terms and Conditions Of Party Bookings

The acceptance of the booking outlined, once completed, is based on agreement by the client to the terms and conditions stated herein. 

1. Risk to Property / Belongings 

1.1 Arty Splats provide art, craft and messy play parties for under 5’s.  As such the materials we provide are messy in nature and involve the use of paint.  The 1 hour party will include a structured welcome warm up (based on age and stage), time to explore the circuit of activities, a structured end (usually consisting of parachute / bubbles). Any games will be based on time available. 

1.2 Arty Splats cannot take any responsibility for the property, clothing or footwear of any adult or child taking part in the party.  Please inform parents of the messy nature of the activities and that children should be dressed appropriately for the messy nature of the sessions. 

2. Safety of the children taking part 

2.2 There is a requirement for an attending adults to support their child/ren at the party and they are responsible for their child’s health and safety at all times.  Attending adults must accept full responsibility for the safety and well- being of their child/ren throughout the party.  The party host can take no responsibility for the attending children. 

2.3 If the party host feels that a child’s behaviour is making it extremely difficult and unsafe for us to deliver the party (to our required standards) we will inform an appropriate adult. If the issue is not rectified, we reserve the right to terminate our activities. 

2.4 Our party hosts are first aid trained but it is the responsibility of the responsible adults to assess and take action on any first aid issue. 

2.5 Arty Splats must be informed of any allergies or intolerances at least 10 days prior to the party so adjustments can be made as necessary.  Described activities can require change to accommodate allergies or intolerances. Although Arty Splats will make every effort to provide activities to support allergies or intolerances, it remains the parent/carers responsibility to seek any further information required and to deem the appropriateness of the activities on offer. 

2.6 The parent / carer has the ultimate responsibility in determining the suitability of activities based on their child’s age, developmental stage, medical conditions or allergies /intolerances. 

3. Access to the venue  

3.1 Your party host requires access to the venue at least 1 hour prior to the start of the party so that they can set up the activities.   Please note that once they have finished delivering the party they will also need time to clear away (allow for 1-1.5 hours).  

3.2 Dependent on the party arrangement, we can start our clear away whilst the party food is under way.  If you have added the extra games package (30 minutes) to your booking your party host will require additional time for clear up (in total 1-1.5 hours). 

3.3 It is your responsibility to ensure that we have access to the venue and that you inform us of any specific requirements related to the venue.  

3.4 If we gain late entry to the venue or we are delayed (due to no fault of our own) then we will have to delay the start of the party to allow for the set up time required.  

3.5 Your party package will be a maximum of three hours (up to 1 hour set up, 1 hour party, up to 1 hour clear down), if there is additional time required at the venue it will be charged at £30 per half an hour and is subject to availability. 

3.6 If we gain late access to the venue or if we are restricted regarding the start time we have the right to reduce the amount of time for the entertainment to meet the 3 hour window booked. 

3.7 We reserve the right to cancel our party entertainment if an initial assessment of the venue deems a venue to be unsafe / unsuitable for an Arty Splats party.  If there is no suitable alternative we reserve the right to keep any monies paid. 

4. Party package 

4.1 The party package will only include the party entertainment and does not include any food, cake, decorations or party bags (unless booked as an additional extra). 

4.2 We are not responsible for paying any costs towards the venue. 

4.3 Fun extras can be added to your party package but these are subject to availability in your area. 

4.4 If you add the party bag option to your booking it will include: one paper party bag, one small bottle or wand of bubbles. Two colouring in cards. One Arty Splats sticker. Replacements may be made at our discretion. Party bags will be made to order based on the numbers requested. 

4.5 If you add the snow machine experience please note that this will be used at your party hosts discretion. There will be short blasts used to maintain health and safety and to avoid slips. The snow machine is often used over the parachute. 

4.6 If you add extra party games to your package please note that your party host will still require the necessary time for clear up (1-1.5 hours). Any prizes given will be at the discretion of the party host and it is the attending adults responsibility to determine the suitability of any prizes given based on their child’s age / developmental stage / allergies / intolerances. 

4.7 If you add the keep sake canvas to your booking, please note that your party host will indicate the location of the canvas at the start of the party and ask attending adults to support their child/ren in contributing a hand or finger print. The party host can take no responsibility for ensuring every attending child contributes their hand or finger print. 

5. Payment Terms and Cancellations 

5.1 The party date is only secure once the £50 deposit is received. The date is not held in any way prior to the deposit being received. 

5.2 The final balance for the party booking is required 10 working days prior to the party date. 

5.3 Failure to pay the final balance before the commencement of the party will result in Arty Splats cancelling the booking. 

5.4 If the party host is unable to attend a party due to illness or circumstances beyond their control, they will provide three options. 1. A full refund. 2. They will rearrange the party entertainment to another date 3. A replacement party host (only when available). The party host will be limited to the refund of the payment made for the party. Arty Splats will not be subject to any additional fees or compensation. 

5.5 Our minimum party package provides Arty Splats activities for up to 20 children. No refund will be issued in circumstances in which less than 20 children attend. 

5.6 Additional children will be charged at £9.95 per child and your party host requires final numbers no later than 10 working days prior to the party date. Late notice may result in the party host not being able to accommodate additional children. 

5.7 No refund will be given for none attending children.