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About Us

Hi, I’m Jo, the founder of Arty Splats.

I am a qualified teacher with ten years teaching experience and a mum to two young boys, one of which is a very energetic toddler! I have a range of varied teaching experience and I have taught on childcare courses up to HND level and in the holidays I have managed summer play schemes. Whilst running summer play schemes I loved introducing lots of arts, crafts and sensory play opportunities for the children; and watching the children learn and develop as they explored the exciting activities. I have used my ten years teaching experience to create the Arty Splats educational programme. Arty Splats sessions encourage children to experiment; explore and discover through a range of themed activities. Each session is carefully planned to offer engaging, lively (and often messy) sessions that will support the child’s development whilst they have lots of sensory fun! I love my job and all the smiling faces as children are provided with an opportunity to paint, stick, squash, squeeze, squish, squelch, scrunch and crunch.

Hi, I’m Arty, the jolly giraffe.

Arty attends every class and he plays an integral part in all our sessions. You also cannot keep Arty away from a good party! Children get excited about Arty appearing from our magic bag whilst we sing our Arty Splats song; and Arty introduces the theme of the week. He often takes an active part in the sessions and comes back to our circle time covered in paint, shaving foam or a selection of other interesting materials we have been exploring! At the end of every session we have circle time and Arty goes round to every child so that they can show the group their creation/s from the session. Arty is fantastic in helping to build a child’s confidence whilst they develop the skill of communication and language by helping children gain confidence in expressing their ideas. Arty then goes round to each child whilst we sing our goodbye song and has a cuddle.

The Arty Splats song!