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Our Passion

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun” Mary Lou Cook

All young children learn through play. At Arty Splats we pride ourselves on imposing no limits on the activities we provide. We might be covering welly boots or toy cars in paint and taking part in a ‘giant active art activity’ or painting with mops or big paint rollers. We also set up a range of messy play activities and ensure that there is an opportunity for children to create their own masterpieces each week. We are passionate about sparking young children’s imaginations and curiosity from an early age. We do all the arty, crafty and messy play that you would not want to do at home with lots of opportunities for learning and heaps of fun! We take away all the obstacles that this kind of play poses so that children and care givers can enjoy the activities in a safe and sociable environment with no expectations placed on the child. One of the best bits being that you leave all the mess for us to clean up! We even provide a splash suit for each child so that we ‘dress for mess’ and clothes stay clean and children can get fully involved in the activities without any worry about the mess. However, our classes are not only about having fun, the sessions also: Develop our children’s creativity, self-esteem, imagination, early math’s and science understanding, language development, social skills and motor skills.