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What a difference a term makes!

Our Autumn Term definitely had the WOW Factor!  Not only because of the new fresh weekly themes which were set to inspire those big imaginations but the progress of the little ones was phenomenal!  Sienna is evidence of the benefits of our classes and how powerful must that moment have been to inspire her brilliant Mummy to send these photos and messages to me. 

The question we are being asked a lot - 'From your experience has the pandemic had an impact on little ones'

And sadly, the answer is yes.  Yes, there has been a marked difference in more little ones than not; in terms of their confidence in classes, the time to settle into classes, their hesitance, their self esteem and their interactions.  

And if I am honest, this has got me.  I have found myself quietly more emotional when little ones at our classes do something for the first time; when they have got to the point that they have ran back into classes without a care in the world and excited about the class ahead.  It took some doing.  It wasn't as easy as it has been in the previous years.  It took the grown ups to lead the way far more than ever before and together we have boosted confidence, self esteem, friendships, resilience, well being and all the lovely learning on top!  

We always approach everything we do in a gentle, kind and sensitive manner but last term we showered little ones in even more supportive understanding, kindness and patience as they found their little feet back in the big world. 

The little ones who attended last term made what can only be described as phenomenal progress.  Their willingness to absorb the activities and learning was amazing.  Their willingness to dip their toes into approaching other little ones and start friendships was heart warming. 

And to the parents I had the privilege to share the term with, I salute you.  You are amazing!  I have loved every minute of getting to know you and your little one and sharing your Arty Splats journey of discovery so far. 

When the Autumn Term ended on 16th December I cried, I cried as I was so proud of everything we had achieved as an Arty Splats Community.  How we had all pulled together to make the difference to your little one.  And as always a few tears for the ones I will miss when they return to work or when little ones start their new adventures at Nursery.  

But now we are ready to start a New and Super Exciting Term!  And we have some super special stuff in store!  We have NEW themes coming up which I will give you updates on soon!