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Who am I? Hi! I'm Jen and I'd like to welcome you and your little ones to Warwickshire Arty Splats. What's my background? I am a fun, slightly crazy and definitely Unmumsy Mum (if you've never read her blog you are truly missing out on some brutal parenthood truths).  Where did my Arty Splats Journey begin? I was dragged along (slightly willingly) by a friend to an Arty Splats class when 'the boy' was about 9 months old. He and I were instantly hooked on the amazing Jo's (Arty Splats Founder) classes and we've never looked back! Where are we now? Just over 2 years later and I am running my own business! Having previously worked in events management and sports development for various Football Clubs and Universities.This was a total career direction change but I have never looked back. Some of you mums may be in a totally similar position to me once returning from maternity leave. I would encourage each and every one of you to take risks, go outside of your comfort zones and go with your gut. Anyway, I totally digress. You don't want to hear about me. You want to hear about our Amazing Arty Splats Classes!!!
Jen Arty Splats
What can you expect at a session? Think giant art, cute little baby and toddler footprints and first artwork pieces Sensory play and tons of messy play! Think digging for buried treasure in a giant box of cornflakes, playing in jelly and making child sized bubbles. This gives you a small idea of what we do. Oh and don't forget our magic bag clues, music and singing and bubbles at the end of each class. What do little ones' get out of it? There are seriously soooo many skills that you get from our classes. Gross and fine motor skills, language development, social development and it's also a fab envioronment for you to bond effectively with your little one. Oh and did I mention it's just a ton of fun?! For both big and little people... How do you get involved? Come along for a free trial and see how you get on! There's nothing to lose and so much to gain!
Messy play classes